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The most versatile and feature-rich eCommerce platform for Gun Store Owners

The cost of our custom platform starts at $20,000. * Payment plans are available for qualifying customers
No Monthly Fees or Transaction Fees

Selling firearms online made easier!

Completely flexible, affordable, feature-rich, and scalable! Each plan is tailored for YOUR unique business. (SGO) platform comes with automated workflows and processes that make it easier for you to manage your online business. We designed SGO with you in mind.

Distributor Integrations Available

Distinct Features on SellGuns.Online

Full FFL Management with Monthly Auto Update

Federal Firearms License (FFL) dealer data is automatically maintained and updated for accurate information. Additional ability to verify SOT on Firearms Licensee.

Integrated Distributor Feeds

Integrates catalogs from multiple distributors or dropshippers.

Powerful Profit Rule Engine

Easy to apply the profit margin rules at category, product or even at a price level.

Automatic Pricing Update

Any prices changes of the items from your vendors are automatically updated on the site in strict adherence to MAP policies and your profit rules.

Automatic Inventory Update

Automatically updates inventory from multiple distributors.

Category Mapping

Map products and categories from multiple vendors to the categories and subcategories on our site.

Mobile Responsive

SGO lets buyers shop through any devices including mobile phones, laptops, desktop computers or tablets.

Ultra-fast Page Load Time

Our pages are optimized to load within merely 3 seconds. The faster load time ensures that Google loves your website.

Add to Cart for Best Price

Special discounts when selected products are added to the cart. This helps users to advance through the funnel with ease.

Fully Secure Site and Payment Functionality

The site is PCI compliant and fully secured by SSL. Encrypted websites are able to safeguard against any malicious attacks.

Payment Gateways

The ability to integrate with any payment gateway is another reason why our Firearms website is superior to other webstores.

Insured Shipping

The availability of insured shipping to the customers guarantees additional revenue.

20 Out of the Box Designs

Our custom designs help online firearms stores to resonate their brand and their values to the customers.

FFL Finder within Radius

FFL dealer data is automatically maintained for accurate information. Also manage this data and verification of SOT on firearm licensee.

Product Recommendation

We recommend similar products to your customers and make firearms online shopping easier.

Product Comparison

Give your customer the chance to choose the best product from your firearms store with Product Comparison feature.


Your customers can not only create a wishlist but also send it to others.

Social and Email Share

The customers can share products in social media and by emails.

Extensive Filtering Capability

Your customers can use many filters on attributes to find the exact product they are looking for.

Back Order Notification

Customers can set alerts to notify them of out of stock items.

Affordable Plans

Avail both subscription and perpetual licensing models.


We customize your firearms eCommerce store exactly the way you want it. We create custom features, themes, and more that fits your unique business needs.


Our eCommerce platform is tuned to facilitate an incredible buying experience. The menus, content, graphics, and navigation - stimulate retention and elevate sales.


Our aim has always been to create superior eCommerce experience. Our ethos ensures that we support our clientele throughout the whole journey.